Financial Instrument Funding

Letter of Credit Funding or Bank Guarantee ($100MM - No Maximum)

We provide a solution for quick, easy funding of your Letter of Credit. This is a fast and inexpensive alternative to financing large projects worldwide without liquidating your assets. We are not underwriting your project and have no concern for the use of funds. Funding can occur within 10-20 days from the point your information is received.

Our signature solution will fund Demand Stand-By Letters of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) starting at $100MM. We have NO maximum. This is a great alternative funding solution for any large domestic or international projects.

One of the main benefits is that we have no concern for the use of funds. There is NO underwriting of the specific project. Our concern is only with the validity of the principal and their SBLC or (BG).

The advantage in not having concern for the use of funds allows us to process transactions in as little as 10-20 days once all information is submitted.

This product has the best rates and terms in the business. Once you’ve seen what this product can do, you’ll never have need for any ‘traditional’ commercial project financing again.

Please feel free to contact one of our Commercial Specialists for more information regarding this great opportunity. Contact us for more info!

Letter of Credit Funding under $100MM

We will fund Letters of Credit from any A rated bank who has enough assets to issue such an LOC. This product has slightly different rates and terms than our $100MM product does. We will source the use of funds for this product to a specific deal. Deals can fund within 3-5 weeks. The only documentation required is the bank issued Letter of Credit and an Executive Summary. Contact us for more details.

This product will fund Letters of Credit from any domestic or international A Rated Bank. It is ideally suited to obtain advanced funding for a specific project.

We understand the need for alternative financing in today’s marketplace and we’re happy to offer this product. All you need to get started is a Letter of Credit and an Executive Summary for a viable commercial project and we’ll be able to fund in as little as 3 weeks! There is no long, arduous underwriting process like other traditional commercial banks.

At MBGM, we look to provide alternative financing sources for those who are tired of working with banks and incompetent brokers. We specialize is commercial and financial instrument funding that allows our clients the ability to get their deals funded with as little headache as possible.