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This Solution enables clients with large hard assets to turn it to liquid assets.

The Assets:


Coal, precious gems, gases, metals, oil, minerals, etc.

The source site of the assets must be producing. 
The site of the in ground assets must be in production mode.
(Instrument percentage 40 to 60%)

Above Ground:

Gold, precious gems, metals, etc, that are already  harvested, and above ground.

Possess an openly traded market are the most attractive assets right now.
(Instrument percentage 80 to 100%)


The land must be in one lump. We cannot consider a portfolio of properties.
(Instrument percentage 40 to 50%)

“Fine” Assets: 

Paintings, Faberge’ eggs, etc.
            (Instrument percentage 45 to 55%)

 Bonds (Including corporate bonds): 

Must be openly traded.

Client will keep the ownership of the asset as well as any yield they're earning on it.
(Instrument percentage 60-100%)

 Stock Certificates:

If it has a ticker tape number assigned to it, it can be monetized.
(Instrument percentage 45-80%)