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Hard Money Commercial Loans PDF Print E-mail

Top reasons for Hard Money Commercial Loans

   1. Insufficient Cash-flow/insufficient DSCR

   2. Property needs renovation and repositioning

   3. Client is in Probate

   4. Non-Performance of other funding source.

   5. Opportunity to buy property or buy out partner at the right price.

   6. Credit Problems

   7. Lack of Tenancy (high vacancy rates)

   8. “Time is of essence” closing requirement

   9. Client in bankruptcy/foreclosure/bank workout/short sale


Loan Amounts:

Minimum Amount: $ 1 Million

Maximum Amount: No Maximum.

Property Types:

Hotels, Apartments, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Raw Land.

Loan To Value Parameters: 65% up to 75 % on case by cases.

Geographical areas: Nationwide and International.